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Polaris General 1000 XP XP4 Premium Deluxe Aluminum Intake Air Box $249.95

All CFM Performance products are proudly Made In USA.

Made from the highest quality materials including 0.083" 5052 series aluminum and stainless steel hardware.

No modifications are required.

Install in about 30 minutes with basic hand tools.

Heavy duty billet aluminum flange to clamp your filter to, many times stronger than the thin plastic stock air box.

Neoprene rubber gasket on the lid/ cover provides a positive seal.

Larger volume than the stock air box for an increase in power, 2-6 HP is common.

Does not include a filter. Uses any filter that is designed for your stock air box, OEM, UNI, K&N, etc...

Thoroughly tested on the Dyno and in the real world.

Guaranteed performance that you can feel.

Will fit any model and year Polaris General.

Polaris General Air Box