YXZ 1000
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Yamaha YXZ 1000 Oil Tank  $309.95

All CFM Performance items are proudly 100% made in the USA.

This oil tank is guaranteed to be the highest quality that you can get anywhere, at any price, or your money back.

Our own original design.

Made 100% from American made raw materials, not cheap imported aluminum that is likely to fail from heat and vibration.

You can expect to see a temperature drop of 20 degrees F.

Lifetime guarantee against leaks and broken drain fittings.

Broken drain fittings and leaks are common problems with the stock oil tank.

If you ever break a CFM tank, send it back and CFM will replace or repair it for FREE.

A leaking oil tank can ruin your riding trip and destroy your engine.

CFM Performance has been a leader in the aftermarket ATV business since 1993 so you can buy with confidence.

Expertly TIG welded in a fixture for a professional finish, perfect fit, and a tank that will never fail. 

We pressure test each oil tank at 5 times the pressure it will see in operation.

Built with 5052 series aluminum for high strength and corrosion resistance.

Brackets are 7075 series aluminum. The strongest aluminum alloy ever made.

This oil tank uses all of your stock lines, drain plug, level sensor and mounting hardware. No extra items to buy. No modifications are required.

Our oil tank has the same internal design as the stock tank with baffles to prevent foaming.

Will fit any model and year Yamaha YXZ1000.
Yamaha YXZ1000 Oil Tank