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Yamaha Big Bear Lift Kit 2" $19.95

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Item For Sale:

Billet aluminum lift kit for Yamaha Big Bear and Wolverine ATV.

Will fit any mode, year and engine size.

Will not fit Yamaha Wolverine UTV.

Features and Benefits:

Will give you about 2" of lift depending on model and shock settings.

They are sold in sets of 4 spacers, 1 for each shock.

Will work with stock shocks only.

Made from 7075 series aluminum. The same strength as steel, but lighter and much more corrosion resistant.

Ride quality is similar to stock.

Still have the ability to adjust preload.

Eliminates sag in the stock springs.

Drastically reduces brake dive and corner roll.

Increases load capacity. 

No modifications are necessary to any of your stock components.

Spring compression is required. You will need a coil spring compressor or other method of compressing the springs.

How it Works:

A 1" spacer lifts the ATV about 2" because of the geometry of progressive rate suspension. With stock springs, the weight of the ATV will compress the springs about 1", lowering the ATV about 2". With this lift installed, the weight of the ATV will not compress the springs as much, resulting in an increase in ground clearance of about 2". 

Installation Instructions:

Remove the shocks from the machine. Compress the springs. There is a "C" shaped collar that holds the spring to the shock body. When you compress the spring, this "C" shaped collar will fall off. Slide the lift spacer on the shock body and replace the "C" shaped collar. Reinstall the shock.
Big Bear