Bombardier DS650 Air Box  $149.95

All CFM Performance items are proudly 100% made in the USA.

New CFM Performance high flow aluminum air box for the Can-Am, BRP Bombardier DS 650.

Will fit any year.

It comes with a lid and everything you need to install it.

With the lid in place and stock jetting you will see a 3-5 horsepower increase as well as better throttle response and torque.

If the lid is not required for your riding conditions, you can remove it and rejet for even greater horsepower gains.

Our high velocity plenum replaces the flimsy stock rubber intake boot.

Our high performance air box uses two 2 1/2" I.D. x 5" long clamp on filters for a 20% increase in intake area as well as 30% more dirt holding capacity.

Does not come with any filters. Uses a pair of UNI filters part number UP-5245, $60 for the pair and K&N filters part number RD-0700, $120 for the pair.

Your stock air box has the crank case breather hose attached to it. This air box allows for so much air flow that the crank case breather hose can not be attached to the air box because it can actually suck oil out of your crank case and into the air box. We leave the breather hose open and tie it to the frame in the highest location it will reach. We have run our ATV's with an open breather hose for many years, in all riding conditions with no problems. The crank case maintains positive pressure on the hose making it virtually impossible for anything to get in. The open crank case breather hose has been standard on many ATV's for years. If you would like more protection, you can add a crank case breather filter to the hose.

Bombardier DS650 Cooler $49.95

Check out the November 2003 issue of ATV Sport Magazine. They did a test on this cooler, see page 81, and here is what they had to say, "Installing CFM's cooler was easy." "With the inline cooler installed, our temperature gun showed reductions of close to 9 degrees..."

The original 20 fin billet aluminum engine cooler. Manufactured by CFM Performance. At 5 1/2" long and 1 1/2" in diameter it is one of the largest inline coolers available on the market today. The 3/4" hose connections allow it to be adapted to almost any liquid cooled engine that uses 3/4" ID coolant hoses. We employ the perfect balance of diameter, length, fin width, fin depth, fin spacing, and grade of aluminum to cool your quad as efficiently as possible. To install, simply remove a section of your lower radiator hose and replace it with the CFM cooler. Tighten the stainless steel hose clamps which are provided to you at no additional charge and refill coolant according to factory specifications. Multiple coolers can be used on the same machine.

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