Honda TRX250R Exhaust Flange $49.95

New CFM Performance aluminum exhaust flange for the Honda TRX250R or liquid cooled versions of the ATC250R. 

Provides a positive seal when the exhaust pipe is installed resulting in better pipe performance.

 Better pipe performance = more power. 

Works with OEM cylinders as well as the popular Pro-X style cylinders. 

Comes complete with two silicone o-rings (higher temperature rating than viton) two spare o-rings and stainless steel cap screws for mounting.
Honda TRX250R Aluminum Air Box $199.95

All CFM Performance items are proudly 100% made in the USA.

New aluminum air box built by CFM Performance for all years of the Honda TRX250R.  

Made with 5052 series aluminum with 6061 extruded aluminum brackets.  

TIG welded in a fixture for a perfect fit, high strength, good looks and corrosion resistance. 

Does not come with a filter. Accepts any filter available for the stock air box. 

Honda TRX250R Cooler $49.95

The original 20 fin billet aluminum engine cooler. Manufactured by CFM Performance.

 At 5 1/2" long and 1 1/2" in diameter it is one of the largest inline coolers available on the market today. 

The 3/4" hose connections allow it to be adapted to almost any liquid cooled engine that uses 3/4" ID coolant hoses. 

We employ the perfect balance of diameter, length, fin width, fin depth, fin spacing, and grade of aluminum to cool your quad as efficiently as possible. 

To install, simply remove a section of your lower radiator hose and replace it with the CFM cooler.

 Tighten the stainless steel hose clamps which are provided to you at no additional charge and refill coolant according to factory specifications. Multiple coolers can be used on the same machine.

Honda TRX250R Scoop Kit $69.95

New set of CFM Performance radiator shrouds for the Honda TRX250R. 

Built with .083 thick, satin finish 5052 series aluminum for strength, good looks and corrosion resistance.

 With this scoop kit installed, we have seen a drop in temperature of 6-8 degrees. 

The shrouds you receive will not have the stickers on the sides

TRX250R Exhaust Flange
TRX250R Scoop Kit
TRX250R Air Box

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