Yamaha Raptor 250 Air Box Battery Box $199.95

All CFM Performance products are proudly MADE IN USA.

Guaranteed to make more power both on the dyno, and on the track than any other intake or air box.

We have seen a 2HP increase on a stock Raptor. Over 6HP is possible on a highly modified one.

Made from the highest quality materials, including 5052 series aluminum and stainless steel hardware.

Will fit all model years.

This design allows the use of long travel rear suspension sytems without hitting the air box. This is not possible with the stock air box.

The lid works with stock jetting. For maximum power, remove the lid and rejet. 

This item replaces the restrictive stock intake boot, air box, and battery box. Uses a high volume, high velocity plenum for a massive increase in power. Your stock air box and battery box are 1 piece. This is 2 seperate pieces, 1 battery box and 1 air box.

This air box uses a 2 1/2" I.D. clamp on air filter for a secure seal. The stock filter seal is known to leak, allowing dirt to ruin your engine.

It does not come with a filter. You can purchase the filter from any dealer. UNI part number UP-5245, $30. K&N part number RD-0700, $60.

This box allows you to use your stock battery, as shown in the picture, measuring 4 in tall x 6 in wide x 3.5 in deep. Yuasa part number YTZ10S MF.

Raptor  250
Yamaha Raptor 250 Exhaust Tip $24.95

New CFM Performance aluminum exhaust tip. It comes with a stainless steel spark arrestor screen and stainless steel mounting hardware.

Your stock exhaust tip is only 1" in diameter. The CFM Performance exhaust tip is over 2" in diameter. The stock spark arrestor screen forces exhaust flow to make two different 90 degree turns before exiting the tip. Our spark arrestor is a straight flow through design eliminating restrictive directional changes in flow. It sounds great without being too loud.

More power, better sound, hundreds of dollars cheaper than an aftermarket silencer, the CFM Performance high flow exhaust tip.

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Yamaha Raptor 250 Scoop Kit  $39.95

Will fit any year Raptor 250. This scoop kit, engine cooler, is made from 5052 series aluminum for high strength and superior corrosion resistance. You can expect a drop in engine operating temperature of 6-8 degrees F. Cooler operating temperature means your engine will make more power. Bolts to the underside of your fenders in a few minutes using existing hardware. No modifications are necessary to your stock components.