Yamaha Wolverine Aluminum Air Box $119.95

New CFM Performance aluminum air box for any year Yamaha Warrior. 1995-2005 Yamaha Wolverine and any year Grizzly 600.

This high flow air box allows your motor to breathe much better without sacrificing engine protection. Not only does our air box protect your engine from mud and water as good as the stock air box but it allows for 35% more air flow. As we all know, more air flow equals more horsepower. We have seen an increase of 4-6 horsepower on our Yamaha just by installing this air box.

Have you ever wondered if your filter was seated properly? With the CFM Performance high performance air box this is no longer a problem. Not only does our air box flow better, but it is designed to use a clamp on air filter. What does this mean? You will know without a doubt that your filter is installed properly.

This air box is designed to accept a 2 3/4" flange I.D. x 6" long UNI filter, part number UP6275, available from CFM_Performance for only $30, or a K&N filter part number HA-3094 for only $60.

Yamaha Wolverine High Flow Exhaust Tip $39.95

The most restrictive part of your stock exhaust system is the 3/4" diameter hole in the exhaust tip. With your stock tip, the exhaust is forced to make a 90 degree turn through the spark arrestor and another 90 degree turn to come out the tip. With the CFM Performance high flow exhaust tip there are no restrictive 90 degree turns. The exhaust comes straight through an opening that is 30% larger than stock, and straight through a stainless steel spark arrestor screen. It bolts on in a few minutes with no modifications to your stock silencer, and it sounds great with out being too loud. This high performance exhaust tip makes a big difference in throttle response and top end horsepower.
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Wolverine Lift Kit $19.95

All CFM Performance products are proudly 100% MADE IN USA from 100% american raw materials.

Billet aluminum lift kit for any year Yamaha Big Bear and Wolverine.

Straight rear axle and IRS.

Any engine size.

Will give you about 2" of lift. Depends on model and shock settings.

Will fit IRS and straight rear axle models.

Will fit all 2WD and 4WD models automatic and manual transmission.

They are sold in sets of 4 spacers, 1 for each shock.

Will work with stock shocks only.

Made from 7075 series aluminum. The same strength as steel, but lighter and much more corrosion resistant.

Not just a cut piece of tubing. The inside diamter is machined to fit your shock perfectly. The ends are both machined and chamfered.

CFM Performance has been serving the ATV community since 1993. You can buy with confidence, knowing that we will be here after the sale.

We have sold thousands of these style lift kits since 1993. A proven design.

Ride quality is similar to stock.

Still have the ability to adjust preload.

Equal performance to High Lifter springs.

Eliminates sag in the stock springs.

Drastically reduces brake dive and corner roll.

Increases load capacity. Usefull when plowing, carrying heavy loads and riding with a passenger.

No modifications are necessary to any of your stock components.

Can be installed or removed in less than 1 hour.

As with any lift of this type, spring compression is required. You may need a coil spring compressor. Available to rent from most auto parts stores for a few dollars.

A 1" spacer lifts the ATV 2" because of the geometry of progressive rate suspension. With stock shocks, the weight of the ATV compresses the springs about 1", lowering the ATV about 2". With the lift installed, the weight of the ATV will not compress the springs. This has the same effect as if the shock was 1" longer. A shock that is 1" longer raises the ATV 2". You can see this if you remove one shock bolt and lift the ATV so the mounting hole in the shock is 1" away from the mounting hole in the frame. The only way you would need a 2" spacer for 2" of lift is if the suspension arm was horizontal and the spring was vertical.

To install, remove the shocks from the ATV. Compress the springs. There is a "C" shaped collar that holds the spring to the shock body. When you compress the spring, this "C" shaped collar will fall off. Slide the lift spacer on the shock body and replace the "C" shaped collar. Reinstall the shock.